Monday, August 3, 2009

Bay Area Winds........Giants Edition

I'll be the first to admit I was very very keen on acquiring Freddy Sanchez for a variety of reasons. For one our production out of our second baseman has been the worst out of any position in the major leagues this season. i figured whenever you sub a position with a player that has a 2.2 War (win above replacement) for a platoon of players that had a -.7 WAR your instantly improving your club. I figured only 2 everyday position players had a higher ops than Sanchez (Sandoval, Rowand) so we would be adding another major league bat to our lineup in a lineup that is void of many. I also figured Sanchez would come somewhat cheap due to the fact that he had an 8.1 million dollar option for next season. I heard the rumors... Frandsen and Bowker, Frandsen and Guzman. Hey sounded great to me these players are good enough to be major league role players but had no place on our team given the way it's currently constructed. When I heard we acquired Sanchez I thought "sweetness" I was ignorant I didn;t think the great Neal Hunnington would pull such a heist. When I heard we had forked over Tim Alderoson however my voice cracked. Who, What, Where and Why? It made me want to call Mrs. Hunnigton and tell her her son was bullying Mr. Sabean. I'm not saying Sanchez isn't a very legitimate major league second baseman. I also didn't care as much for Alderson as other bloggers due to the absence of a quality major league fastball. I am however weary due to the fact that I believe Alderson could have been a significant piece to add a legitimate middle of the order bat that we so sorely need.....(Victor cough* Martinez) i'm not going to go to into Alderson's scouting report because I have in the past but he did give up 114 hits in only 104 the same time he had a 35/9 k/bb ratio which is preety damn good. On the contrary opponents were hitting .273 against him. At the same time he still only has a 3.54 era in AA a a 20 year old. The reason why I was always fascinated by Alderson was because of his frame. I always figured at 6'6 219 he had plenty of room to add to his frame and if he were to grow into* a low 90's fastball he could be a front of the rotation starter, Reports from baseballamerica had him mid high 80's which is somewhat disturbing given his performance, his pedigree and his size. At the same time I guess it's the price you have to pay for an all star second baseman which will make us stronger without a doubt for the remainder of this year and next, don't get me wrong.( also appears that all of a sudden our pitching depth has vanished........but thats another story.) To wrap it up I'll say this you have to give something to get something.

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